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Grüneo... Indoor gardening easy and sustainable.

Berlin is a city that inspires. A city full of ideas and growing up projects even in the lockdown Corona times that we are living nowadays.... I was lately collaborating with one of these growing projects. The word growing couldn't fit better with it :).

It was a pleasure for me to collaborate with Grüneo. This green, sustainable, ecological and fresh project.

Alicia and Lena are the girls behind the initiative. Two passionate women that decided to start their own project transforming their vision on indoor gardening into a fresh and accessible product.

The story of Grüneo starts with Alicia. Living in an apartment without a balcony, a big passion for DIY activities, and the need for experiencing nature within the city of Berlin.

But what exactly is Grüneo? What they are doing is delivering to your home the first DIY indoor gardening box for beginner gardeners that brings all-natural materials and technical support to grow a luscious garden on your windowsill.

And every four months they offer a new selection of all-in-one boxes which include seasonal seeds that grow perfectly indoors and will develop well together (light, water & nutrient requirements).

So with them you don't need to search and assemble.. you just receive in one box all what you need together to directly unpack and start growing . Getting all the info required and being sure that what you are doing is not harming the environment.

Curious? Would you want to try your own gardening box?

Would you like to know more about the project?

Do you also need photos or videos for your projects?

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