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"Find the hummus of your dreams". Akkawy Bistro. Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Today i was visiting the Akkawy Bistro at Kopernikusstraße 8, in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

You can find here Vegan & Vegetarian Oriental Street Food With Indian Spices.

Mastered by Julian this small restaurant serves indeed one of the best Hummus in town.

They write on their tableau: "Find the hummus of your dreams".

And indeed you can find it here!

They serve hummus with 8 different toppings, and not only this, but also other delicious plates like homemade SHAKSHUKA and ZAHRA .

You can see everyone eating here is not there for the first time, and there is a reason for it.

This secret corner and its delicious food first you discover by chance, or some friend have to recommended it to you.

As Julian its master says you need to order, discover and be surprised.

He wants to keep it cosy and familiar and not cheap and massive.

And how many good dishes they can prepare!

Not only affordable, but opened for Sundays lunch and serving very quality food in a friendly atmosphere.

All of the dishes are vegetarian and most vegan. I highly recommend it!

Just take a look!

Do you have a Bistro and you would like to have some photos for your site, Instagram, promo- video, just contact!

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