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I can't breath, graffiti art work from Eme Freethinker

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Art is also a way of communication. It can give awareness and spread messages. It touches our souls.

Paradoxically, I was taking fresh air on the weekend around Mauerpark, here in Berlin.

In one from the park sides there is a long wall were you can always see, mostly at weekends, the graffiti artist working at their different murals.

I found specially some of them really touchy for these days we are living, so I got inspired and I decided to make also a small contribution to the cause. I would like to share this wonderful work from Eme Freethinker that otherwise will be only available for the park visitors.

I think it deserves more and we all need to raise awareness against any form of racism. Not to forget.

You can check more encouraging Street art from the artist Eme Freethinker here

If you need similar video to show your work, you can contact me.

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