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Instrumentenbauerin Tabea Krah

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Tabea Krah is a very talented instrument maker settled in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood, Berlin.

She needed some new photos for her new website.

She repairs and restore any kind of string instruments and also rent instruments such as violins for everyone that would like to learn how to play them. She is also renting instruments for Kids which is not so common.

We met at her workshop in Kreuzberg and she showed to me how she works there and tell me a little bit about her history and experiences.

We decided to do some portraits and details about the work with the instruments.

Two different lenses are needed. One wide angle for the room and one portrait lense for the details. Both of them very luminous. I have a wide angle lense aperture 2.8 and a portrait one 1.8.

I wanted to catch in the photos her spirit and the wonderful atmosphere of the place where event that you can not see you can listen the violins playing.

Do you need some portraits , photos for you website or to show your work? Just contact me .

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