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Jazzy spirit

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I'm missing concerts and music so much!! and i guess I'm not the only one I'm spending the Lockdown winter time putting together some raw material that really deserves to see the light out there.

I would like to accompany you in such evening like today's with some Jazzy spirit. :)

Played by my good Friend Enrique Thompson - Saxophone in an intercultural mix with other grate young musicians, such as Davide Incorvaia - Piano, Fabian Fischer- Drums and Daigo Nakai - Double bass.

Enrique is a very active saxophone player who is developing several music projects. Originally from Argentina but settled now in the Canary Islands where he non stop trains his music and also compose.

He is doing active and several collaborations such as this here with the ARTivisten cultural association - ARTivisten e. V. - which was founded to create a space for artists, activists and support any person with creative ideas and initiatives – regardless backgrounds, genders, languages and communication skills.

Definitely check them out if you are settled in Berlin .

So no more words just let the music play...

Contact me if you need in the future to record such a video for promotion or showing your work, also if you need photos.

Just for now stay save and never forget about Music!

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